What happens to your body when doing sports?


Your body when doing sports have many different improvements

Did you know that by doing sports, your body has some changes that not only have to do with your figure? 

You have to know that daily exercise has effects that benefit your health, in fact a little physical activity helps to have some noticeable reactions, which undoubtedly, with perseverance and effort, you can see significantly.

Join us to know these physical changes that occur to your body.

Your body and your brain are liberated

When you play sports, your brain begins to have chemical reactions, which helps the process of attention and concentration.

Increases relaxation levels

When you do sports, you undergo changes in your body that are caused by hormones such as testosterone, adrenaline or endorphins.

These substances produce in your body a transient state of relaxation that can last for several hours, depending on the time of training.

These effects of the substances increase and also help the symptoms of anxiety and stress, this will help to improve the ways of coping with the situations that are happening throughout your day.

Doing sport, it's important to have your body in optimal conditions

Younger skin

With the help of sports, your body temperature increases, which increases the secretion of your blood vessels and increases blood flow, which also causes the skin to look younger and brighter.

This will make your skin healthier as you age.

Other changes

Another change that your body undergoes positively is the release of endorphins that make you feel happy.


When doing sports, back muscles often start to strengthen, which helps to reduce pain in those areas.


In addition, the risk of heart attacks or cardiovascular problems is reduced, as well as osteoporosis, diabetes and hypertension.


In the case of women, high estrogen levels help prevent breast cancer.


Your pulmonary endurance grows, which leads to increased training capacity.


These are some of the transformations that happen to your body when you do sport, keep in mind that sport is something very important in our daily life that will help above all to improve your weight and avoid obesity.


As for prevention, sport helps a lot to make our life healthier.

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