Radiology Report: Enhancing COVID-19 Diagnosis, A Positive Step Forward!


Doctor reading an X-ray image of a chest with a superimposed radiology report.

Dra. Ana Luisa Mendizábal Méndez

In teleradiology, the structured radiology report is an essential component of the PACS-RIS system.

The Diagnostic Structured Radiology Report

This tool is crucial in optimizing the contribution of radiology to patient diagnosis and management.The diagnostic structured report has been developed and approved by multiple international imaging societies. These reports, known as “radiomics,” use key elements and quantifiable parameters to automate functions, integrate with other clinical parameters, and enable large-scale data sharing.

A Consensus of The Radiology Report

On March 25th of last year, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) published a consensus for the structured report of findings in computed tomography of the chest in patients with suspicion of COVID-19. While radiological findings cannot provide an exact diagnosis, they can support clinical diagnosis and provide a standardized language that is understandable across the medical community.

The report proposes four categories based on the literature to date. It is important to note that the inclusion of elements in parentheses in the radiology report should depend on clinical suspicion, local prevalence, the suspected state of the patient, and local procedures related to the radiology report.

Grupo PTM PACS and Teleradiology of Mexico, always at the forefront of telemedicine, offers a structured report of computed tomography of the chest for suspected COVID-19 cases based on the RSNA’s recommendations, completely free of charge, to the Spanish-speaking medical community.

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