PACS-RIS: 3 Powerful Advantages of a Cloud-Based System!


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"Revolutionizing Radiology: How PACS-RIS Systems Are Improving Patient Care Standards through Digital Transformation"

Medicine has transformed significantly in the past few decades, with radiology leading the way in leveraging digital systems to improve patient care standards in terms of clinical history, pharmacy, supplies control, and surgery schedulingOne such system that has been instrumental in achieving this goal is PACS-RIS, combining two distinct systems for: PACS, which stands for “picture archiving and communication system,” and RIS, which stands for “radiology information system.” 

This technology allows for the storage and communication of radiological images and the management of radiology department workflow (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound).

The Advantages of Cloud-Based PACS-RIS Systems in Healthcare

PACS-RIS systems offer several advantages over traditional film-based systems, including faster image retrieval, improved image quality, and increased efficiency in managing patient care. Healthcare providers can access patient data and radiological images from anywhere, at any time, enabling better collaboration and improved patient care.

Traditionally, these systems were hosted on dedicated servers within the hospital or clinic, requiring special operating conditions and trained personnel for maintenance. PACS stands for “picture archiving and communication system” as the name implies. 

However, cloud-based PACS-RIS systems like PTM Group’s offer a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for costly server space and dedicated IT personnel. Healthcare providers can transmit images securely to any location with internet access and store studies in a powerful central server for easy retrieval.

How Cloud-Based PACS-RIS Systems Improve Healthcare Provider Collaboration and Patient Outcomes

This flexibility not only saves money but also allows for more streamlined communication between healthcare providers, specialists, and patients. With a cloud-based PACS-RIS system, doctors can share images and collaborate in real-time, reducing delays in treatment and improving patient outcomes.

Additionally, cloud-based systems offer the added advantage of built-in disaster recovery and data backup, ensuring that critical patient data is always secure and accessible. As healthcare providers continue to adopt technology, cloud-based PACS-RIS systems will continue to play a critical role in the delivery of high-quality patient care.

PTM Group's Cloud-Based PACS-RIS System: A Cost-Effective and Accessible Solution

At PTM Group, we understand the importance of providing healthcare providers with efficient and effective tools to deliver high-quality patient care. Our cloud-based PACS-RIS system offers a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for dedicated servers, making it accessible to healthcare providers with internet access.

This flexibility not only saves money but also enables streamlined communication between healthcare providers, specialists, and patients, improving collaboration and patient outcomes.

Our expert staff monitors the system 24/7, ensuring accessibility, affordability, and adherence to international standards. We take pride in delivering customized solutions for your hospital or practice, and we look forward to helping you bring the practice of medicine into the digital era.

Contact us today to learn more about how PTM Group’s cloud-based PACS-RIS system can benefit your healthcare organization.

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