Hospital Information System(HIS)

HIS Platform

With our Hospital Information System, improve your workflow and patient care. We invite you to learn more!

Control your hospital operations entirely.

Reduce the risk of errors during the patient care cycle.


Why choose Medsi HIS?

Check performance indicators, reports and statistics to help make better decisions.


  • It is the ideal tool to add traceability to your processes, making it easier to find problems.
  • Optimizes control of medical supplies and medications from the individual level to the general level or vice versa. Goodbye to losses.
  • Registers everything that happens by having every movement in real-time in the palm of your hand.
  • Corrects and optimizes processes by automating workflows.
  • Keeps administrative and clinical areas working in complete harmony to achieve hospital-defined objectives.


Complies with NOM-024-SSA3-2012 for electronic health record information systems and health information exchange and NOM-004-SSA3-2012 for medical records. Generates all reports derived from a medical consultation or intervention, considering its link to various areas not necessarily clinical, such as the pharmacy. It is customizable to medical needs and hospital needs.

Full control of hospital operations. Provides real-time patient account statements, generates billing and payment supplements with just a few clicks, reduces the risk of errors during the account charging process, manages accounts receivable and payable, and reviews hospital performance indicators, as well as other reports and statistics that support intelligent decision-making.

Use technology to improve engagement with your patients, providers, and team. Web services and a mobile application will optimize communication and workflows. The possibilities are unlimited, you decide what can and cannot be done in your hospital’s app.

Control every aspect of your hospital operations. Real-time patient account statements, easy billing and payment processing, reduced risk of errors during account charging, management of accounts payable and receivable, and access to hospital performance indicators, reports and statistics that support intelligent decision making.

Facilitates daily nursing tasks through a board to follow medication, care, diet, solution, etc. instructions; generates nursing formats in a simple way, allowing a focus on the care process with a more human touch

Supports the control of surgery scheduling by allowing the registration of activities inherent to the procedure; manages operating rooms, packages, consumption, and medical equipment.

Organizes inventory of supplies by warehouses. Coordinates efficient restocking and avoids problems of shortage or overstocking. Automates the process of charging the patient’s account and facilitates the configuration of prices by fee schedules and factor tables.

Optimizes workflows. Manages the activities of the medical team and different areas in an organized and controlled manner.

Configures the generation of accounting entries, and Medsi will automatically generate accounting policies for each of the operations that occur during the operation. Generates and downloads the trial balance and issues financial and accounting auxiliary statements at any time with always updated information. Effective management of the hospital’s electronic accounting

We integrate with any LIS (Laboratory Information System) of your choice.

Integrated with our VIRA PACS. View images and reports from the HIS on any internet-connected device.

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