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COVID gobiernos control pandemia

Around the world, governments and health authorities are working together to find solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic using apple and google.

The main goal is to protect people and get society back to functioning as it did before the onset of isolation.

Software developers are contributing by creating technical tools to help fight the virus and save lives.

In this spirit of collaboration, Apple and Google are announcing a joint effort to facilitate and leverage the use of Bluetooth technology.

This will help governments and health agencies to reduce the spread of the virus, while preserving user privacy and security.

Apple and Google have been working for several weeks on what will be an API so that the health authorities of any country can integrate it with their own solutions.

The API will make it easier for developers in each country to identify if the user was exposed, close or in direct contact with a possible infected person. 

This development will also make it possible to consult the capacity of positive cases according to their risk model.

In this way, once the development is ready, each government or even Apple and Google will release the update in their respective mobile systems, so that users will be able to install this improved software on their phones.

The user decides what personal data to register in the designed applications.

With this information, the health authorities will be able to contact the patient if necessary.

In a few months, they will probably integrate these functions directly into the versions of their respective mobile operating systems.

For the time being, this API allows developers to create their own applications that can benefit from this decentralized software

The important issue in this development duet is data privacy, as this will be the cornerstone for users around the world to be able to trust their information to their respective governments.

We are undoubtedly seeing one of the best collaborations in software development.

The world’s leading developers of the world’s most widely used mobile operating systems are working together to solve a public health issue.

We have had a bad start to this decade, but in the midst of the bad things we are currently experiencing, it shows all the skeptics of software applied to healthcare that we can count on a system that is capable of improving our lives. 

The future of medical software has arrived.

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