PACS Simplirad, the intelligent and comprehensive solution in radiology.

Certified radiologists, sub-specialists, physicians, software, and all the tools you need at all times.

At Simplirad, we offer an ecosystem of enterprise-level digital solutions for all areas of a hospital, clinic, or any medical unit that needs the strength, precision, and reliability of one of the best software systems in the industry.

Experience +20 years

Studies +40,000 per month

Clients +400

Users +5000

Presence in Mexico and Latin America


PACS is optimized for low-bandwidth environments, with a high workflow


Remote interpretation service for imaging studies. We now include spirometry.

  • Fast response time.
  • Availability 24/7/52.
  • Diagnostic accuracy.
  • Certified radiologists.
  • Competitive costs.

Hospital Information System (HIS)

Medsi HIS is a platform that allows for the automation of healthcare services in the public and private sectors.

Medical-grade Monitors

Monitors for dual or single workstations for interpreting radiology and nuclear medicine studies.


  • Multiseries.
  • Medical-grade monitor from 6 Mpx to 12 Mpx.
  • Mammo series, dual or single monitors of 5 megapixels.
  • Clinical monitors from 1 Mpx to 8 Mpx.
  • Monitors for endoscopies, video management, and surgical monitoring.

Comments from our customers

It is an advantage to have an exclusive platform viewer, which performs optimally on Windows systems, with all the necessary tools for proper interpretation. However, something that should be considered a great advantage of PACS is the ability to work with other DICOM viewers such as OSIRIX or HOROS for MACINTOSH platforms.
Dr. Y K. Sandeep Vaishya
Thanks to PACS, I can review my studies wherever I am. In addition, it allows us to easily send the studies to the patient, making better use of our time.
Dr. Rajeev Kaul
Head of Radiology
With Raditech's platform, we can view images anywhere in our medical facility. Delivering studies to our patients is faster, and we like that they are always ready.
Dr. Vinod Raina
Subspecialist Physician
Working with Raditech's PACS has allowed us to attend to a greater number of patients, in addition to giving us absolute freedom of mobility as physicians and enabling us to work from anywhere in the world.
Dr. Ramesh Nanda
The teleradiology service has provided the complement for the standardization of the organization's interpretation protocol, eliminating the dependence on personal account compatibility with free virtual storage systems (Dropbox, Gmail, OneDrive).
M.D. Y K Saxena
The teleradiology service has provided a complement to the standardization of the organization's interpretation protocol, eliminating the dependence on personal account compatibility with free virtual storage systems (Dropbox, Gmail, OneDrive).
M.D. Meghal Yadala
The new update of the PACS, which is radically more complete, very intuitive to use, and with important tools such as the ability to share study links with treating physicians via message or email. Being able to perform multi-planar reformats and other image post-processing in sectional image studies is an invaluable tool of the platform, which positions it as one of the most complete and best in the market.
Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni
With the PACS platform, we are able to better distribute our work by taking advantage of the multi-review of studies and the new tools.
Dr. Saritha Vinod
Subspecialist Physician.
The service provided by Raditech's platform, during the time that we have had their interpretation support, has allowed us to improve the efficiency of our services to our clients and reduce the turnaround time for interpreting the different studies that we offer. It has been an excellent support tool, as the work of our radiologists was not sufficient to meet the high demand for studies requested daily.
M.D.Shreyash Gajjar
Operational Manager.